Who: Miles Light
Where: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Temp: 75 - 85 Farenheit Daily, Rainy

Street Traffic in DownTown Dhaka Downtown is extremely crowded, and the fastest and cheapest method of transportation is still: the rickshaw. Fares range between 15 cents and one dollar, depending upon how far you are going. Most of the time, it's about 25 cents. The carriages themselves are colorful and ornate, with intricate drawings on the sides and back of the Rickshaw.. Riding in them is a pleasure, mostly because they stroll along back-streets, which don't have cars. It's a peaceful experience, with the wind flowing through your hair, and the gentle sound of bicycle bells ringing around.
Street Traffic

Squishing 3 Passengers into a single Rickshaw:

Squished Rickshaw

Walking around on "Hindu Street" -- where the Hindu Minority sells stuff -- people are not afraid to simply stare at you -- like the kid in the Yellow there:

Hindu Street Stare

Street Kids -- some beggars, some just playing. It doesn't matter where you are, the children will jump and smile for you:

Street Kids2 Street Kids1

Hindu Shop Keepers -- the one in the back was trying to run away from the camera:

Hindu Shop Keepers

View of the Buriganga river from the "Ahsan Manzil" or "Pink Palace" -- the original palace of the Nawab, Mr. Abdul Ghani, a wealthy "zamindar" (landowner) in the 18th century. People come out here to see the historical relics inside. Entrance fee:  2 Takas (3 cents).

Buriganga River - Dhaka Center

A small park near my house in North Dhaka: