Cairo and Around Egypt
Where: Egypt

Who: Miles Light

Description: Some pictures in and around Cairo - while working the Ministry of Trade and Economy

The Nile River - Taken from my Hotel Room -- Romantic Indeed!:

The Nile during the Daytime:

Riding horses around the Great Pyramids - it was the first time I had ridden horses since I was 6. Frightening, but cool:

Movie #1: Khan-el-kalili Market Downtown Movie #2: Prayer time at a downtown Mosque
Cairo Sunset:
Camels in the road on the way to the Pyramids:

The Downtown Mosques:

The Daily Grind at the local markets - this is the "Khan-el-khalili" market:

Another view of the market - not many smiles:

Movie #3: Driving around Downtown
Movie #4: Cairo Night Driving on Cairo By-ways

The view from my office window at the Ministry. The minature city below is actually a Christian cemetary. They use much more elaborate tombs than we do -- hence all of the cool pyramids and such.

Here are two of my collegues:
The woman on the right side got married, and for the wedding decided to remove her headscarf:

Windsurfing and Kite-surfing at Ras-Sidr, on the Red Sea

One of my friends (Victoria at Nathan/USAID), was learning to kite-surf, so we joined her on a trip down to Ras-Sidr, a small beach on the Sianai Penninsula. There is a German-owned windsurfing / kitesurfing outfit there, with lots of European adventurers and pretty cool owners. Here are some pictures:

Kites are out in full force this day:

The chill lounge in the shade, just off the beach at Ras Sidr.: