Who: Miles Light
Where: Kingston and Falmouth, Jamaica

On Tuesday, Feb. 9th, I was able to get about 5k out of Kingston and head up into the Blue Mountains for Irishtown. It's a right-turn on the main road toward the mountains. Strawberry Hill, an exclusive resort is near the end of this road.

School children hanging around during my bike ride to Irishtown and "Red-Light".

View along the road to Irishtown.

This guy's name was "Scooby" -- he basically raced me down the hill to Kingston. Amazingly, and despite some close calls with on-coming traffic, he stayed with me the entire way - on his child-size BMX bike!

Downtown (New) Kingston: Emancipation Park and Port Royal

Fishing Boats at sunset, along the coast of 'Mo Bay

Falmouth Tax-Collector's Office. The whole city here retains a certain decrepit, colonial feel.

Downtown Falmouth

Ubiquitos jerk-chicken cookins' -- this guy charged J$150 for a chest of chicken and some bread.

A view from Burwood Beach, just across from the "Starfish" Resort. The locals called the water "cold", but I thought it was perfect.

Andrew, my Kite-surfing instructor and me at Burwood beach. I got skunked the second day there (no wind), but had a great first day and got up onto the board a bit. Kiting has the potential to be extremely fun, but also extremely dangerous. Sometimes the kite won't crash, continuing to pull you down, through the sand and rocks, until you hit some trees.