Ancient Kokopelli Trail - May 10-14
Where: Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah over 4 days

Who: Bob Unger, Marc Jalabert, Dan, Don Waldman, and Miles Light (corrections invited)

Description: The Kokopelli Trail is a 140 mile (220KM) epic trail from the high plains of Colorado to the slickrock desert of Utah.

Here is a Map of the Route

4th Day of Kokopelli, at the top of Porcupine Rim -- Miles overlooking Castle Valley:

Movie #1: Along the Trail on Day 1
Movie #2: Behind Don and Dan - Day 1
Movie #3: The paved portion of the trail - heading to Porcupine Rim

Sunset at the Camp Site for Day 2. This day was especially long and hard for everybody (but me), as Don, Bob, and Marc-uno decided to climb an especially greulling part of the trail. I chose to wimp out -- and was much happier for it.

The crew at the beginning of the ride: From left are:
Miles Light, Bob Unger, Marc Jalabert, Marc's Friend Dan, Don Waldman

Movie #4: Don Waldman on Technical Piece of Porcupine
Movie #5: Behind Don and Dan along the canyon road, going into Moab

The trail on day one:

Camping by the River on Day one:

Driving up to the Camp Site on Day 2:

Day 2 Camp Site:

Day 2 was pretty brutal -- wearing out most of the crew during Day 3...Don nods off:

The view on day 3, Don Waldmand heading toward the LaSalle Mountains -- it seemed like we would never catch them, mile after mile. There was a large tour group ahead of us this day -- but we managed to catch almost every one of them while climbing:

Alas, getting closer yet -- the mountains tower me as I climb one of my last (possible) climbs:

Last day: We make it to pavement, the last piece of the trail before the Porcupine Rim Trail - Everybody is similing:

The Porcupine Rim Trail - 15 Miles to go (out of 140):