Who: Miles Light
When: June, August, and September
Where: Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
Temp: 70F

Summertime in Ulaanbaatar has a different feel than anywhere I've been before. After the long, harsh winter, Mongolians just don't seem comfortable dealing with the warm temperatures. Located in the far north, UB nights wait 'till 11:00pm to fall.
The typical scene: horses, cows, goats, and sheep grazing the across the countryside. This photo was taken in the Terelj national park. The park is popular among Mongols because it is only 70KM from Ulaanbaatar. I was able to ride my bike there in June, during this retreat.

The "Hotel Mongolia", where we held one of the Tax-Working Group meetings together with members of the Mongolian Parliment (called the Great Khural). About 25 parliment members showed up, and the debate was lively. More details are in the EPRC monthly newsletter, available here: (insert link). This meeting was held on October 8th:
It was at this point, that I decided to purchase an apartment in Ulaanbaatar. Here are some photos of the apartment's main room (living and dining room), as well as the kitchen area and the two bathrooms. I'll try to post pictures of the master, guest, and office rooms, as well as the building itself. The photos of the view are before the new building was constructed directly across from me(!!)
A view of the Kitchen and entrance, with the Living-Room couches in the fore-ground:

The same picture, just with different exposure:

Here's a view out the

This is just some Random (tired) Mongolian that was sitting across from me at the State Department Store -- shop 'till you drop!