Who: Miles Light
Where: Summer Ger Camp, Mongolia
Temp: 75F

I was asked to teach a "Summer Institute" for Mongolia's up and coming young professionals. Fernando Bartoli (the EPRC Chief of Party) believes these young people eventually end up leading the country, and that they may as well begin training now, rather than wait until they are older and busier.

In the summer, almost everybody leaves the city to spend time in the countryside, which invariably means: in a ger. The summer camp was no different. Although the professors (yours truly) were accomodated in a lodge, the students slept in a group of felt yurts (ger). They are pictured below. Although the beds are smaller in the Ger, and you must share with another 5 people, the Mongols really seemed to have a much better time there than in the lodge.

Below is the view from the deck of the lodge. This view, with soft, rolling hills is ubiquitous in the Mongolian countryside (except the Gobi, of course!). If you look carefully, you can see small Ger on the other side of the valley, where ranchers spend the summers.

The small, white square in the bottom center of the photo is my Satellite-Uplink. The company is called Inmarsat, and they connect to some sattelite above the Indian Ocean.

Here's another view of the same hills, with me standing in the foreground:

Chinngis Khan Days

Other Activities: In the summer, a theme park of sorts was opened, and it was called something like Chinngis Khaan Days. Here are some pictures from this event:

Me hanging out with the 'boys:

Mongolian Fashion: These are examples of traditional Mongolian royalty dress worn over the past 800 - 900 years. Each style is typicall for a particular era. The most recognizable stle is the one second from the right. This is the famous "queen" dress, with huge hair-locks bound in a half-moon style. Notice the same rolling hills in the background..

Little Zaya makes a new friend. These hunting hawks are popular in the Western parts of Mongolia, and moreso in Kazakhstan, where the birds are not fed for 2 days, then set free to find a rabbit or fox. The family then shares the food with the hawk, as I understand it.