Camel Wrestling in Turkey

Camel wrestling (camels against other camels), is a national pastime in Turkey. Here are some pictures from the National championships held at the stadium in the ancient city of Ephasus, near Selcuk, Turkey.
The first phase of the day is when everybody sets up thier personal barbaque spots for kebabs. They proceed to tear down anything that will burn, and set it on fire.
Next, the competitors will bring out their camels, all of whom are in "mating mode", indicated by the white frothing of the mouth.
To make the camels fight, the humans will lead a small, young female camel between the two males, then pull the female away. It is understood that the males must then fight to determine who gets to mate. The camels proceed to "wrestle" each other, the top camel declares victory by expounding a veroucious banshee -- if the other fails to respond with an equally loud yelp, the fight is over.

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Behind the stadium is the famous ampetheater, where you can hear a pin drop on the stage from the top row.
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