Who: Miles Light and Grant Grigorian
Where: Bangkok/Chaing Mai, Thailand
Temp: 65 - 85 Farenheit

On Sunday, I rented a "big bike" in Chaing Mai and rode around the countryside with Jeff and his wife, Kat. We rolled north, to Chaing Dao, where there are supposedly "Karin" women (the Long-Neck women).
Here's a shot of me and the Honda I had in the low-lands:

Entrance to the Buddist Temple Caves / Jeff and Kat checking out an ancient wat / the cave entrance

Chaing Mai is considered a "cold" city, especially in the winter, so most of the dogs were given sweaters so that they don't get sick (I suppose). Here's a typical site around town, even in 80 degree temperatures:

The Monk School
Wandering around in the mountains west of Chaing Mai I walked into a Monk School -- and was immediately summoned by a "teacher monk" -- he asked if I would spend some time with his class, speaking English. Here's a photo of his "advanced class":

Grant Grigorian:
I was accompanied on my travels by one of my researchers, Grant Grigorian. He was an excellent travelling partner. Here are a few shots of him.
On most flights, this is his typical pose: Looking "thin" in front of Budda:
Hanging around a Wat:

Visiting the "Wat"s and temples
There were a lot brightly-painted tables like this, in the restaraunts, or just outside near the temples:

A typical Budda Shrine in Thailand:

Students looking around a famous Wat in Chaing Mai: